I can't find my order number/download/activation.

Login to your MixWave.net account here. Under "Order History", click on the order number. Under the product name, click "Download". On the following page, you will see your download link and any associated license numbers. 

If you do not have a MixWave.net account, easily recover your order download email by clicking here and entering the email address that was associated with your order. If the email address is valid, you will receive a new email with your product license(s) and any downloads.

Neither of the above options worked.

In this case, you may have entered the wrong email when checking out. Please reach out through the support form with all your information so that we can change the email on file and resend your order emails.

I received the email, but my download link is expired.

In case you need to re-download your product and your link is expired, please reach out through the support form so we can verify your purchases and downloads and reset your link.